Athens – the first month

Athens – the first month

The view from the AAIA hostel that greets us every morning. The winter in Athens has so far been very mild. Most days are clear and fine.

The Mediterranean light is gorgeous, it elevates mundane subjects. Even the tatty Athenian apartment blocks take on an unexpected beauty because of the quality of the light.  



The way highlights hold and shadows are so open is something that I am not used to in Australia. Australian light especially in winter is very harsh and angular - it has its own unique qualities - but is not easy on the eyes like this Grecian light is.


Emma on the Areopagus in the soft evening light.





Two views of the newly restored Propylaeum (entrance to the Acropolis). What luminosity!




The view from our room in the AAIA hostel. Without wanting to offend any Athenian's, the backs of the apartments here remind me of the scungey suburbs in Beirut sans bullet holes.